Thursday, September 30, 2004

..... I just wept ...... I admit ........... I read these words from the labour Party Conference ..... and the words of Bono ......

"In the larger sense, I'm here as part of a journey that began in 1984-85, with BandAid and LiveAid.
Another very talll, grizzled rock star, my friend Sir Bob Geldof, issued a challenge to 'feed the world.'

It was a great moment, it changed my life.

That summer, my wife Ali and I went to Ethiopia,
on the quiet, to see for ourselves what was going on.We lived there for a month, working at an orphanage. The locals knew me as 'Dr Good Morning'. The children called me 'The Girl with the Beard.' Don't ask.

But let me say this - Africa is a magical place. And anybody who ever gave anything there got a lot more back. A shining shining continent, with beautiful royal faces… Ethiopia not just blew my mind, it opened my mind.

On our last day at the orphanage a man handed me his baby and said: take him with you. He knew in Ireland his son would live; in Ethiopia his son would die.
I turned him down."