Tuesday, September 28, 2004

..... space is fab - tastic - zing to me ...... human space that is.
When on a conference*, as I mentioned recently, it is interesting who people sit with - hang out with - return to after a workshop* or seminar*. Seems to me it is more about comfort.
(* transpose these into your own context too )

When we are hit with lonely moments they are worse, it seems to me, when we did not behave strategically.

Insecurity comes from a lack of strategy.

Feelings still exist but those feelings are related to a strategic decision/mind/theology/mission about our behaviour.
Our instinct is always to return to a comfort zone.
That is fine.

But what about the isolate?
The person at the end of the bar/table/dining room/seating area - who has no comfort zone to return to.
We perpetuate the isolation because we do not think beyond ourselves - group - own comfort.
( add to the list the massive world issues and how we so easily click the remote control handset to jump to another channel when we are feeling uncomfortable - comfort by remote control!)

Development does not reside in those areas of comfort.
They reside - growth resides - when we stretch ourselves strategically to walk the kingdom way - always the road less travelled.

That is
comforting the disturbed.
Disturbing the comfortable.

Sometimes 'we' are the disturbed.
Sometimes 'we' are the comfortable.
Tick one box above .....

There is someone in your street - community - da de da - who is crying out for a wee hello from you ........

...... hello to you tonight and bless you in your discomfort ..........