Sunday, September 12, 2004

...... today
bleary eyes - my fault
great sermon
Sue - see below

Mr Singh and me at Costa coffee for a catch up
(my updated and sponee new web-site will have a true story about Mr Singh - great man)

Home to put DJ Fitz on my iPod following his Sunday morning gospel show on 1xtra
load da car
horrible traffic
a kiss on the cheek of a beautiful daughter and television director - all one person
a brief discussion with her man about Everton - strange round ball game sport

and shorter boring traffic jam to get another daughter kiss and globe trotter stylist - both the same person.
And PTG top man chef ....... what a man.
Then a treat of a meal and conversation which lasted for hours with only a little wine (boring traffic problem for me only) and a visit from dozens of wroes and another great conversation and pix of course. hmmm
I had not seen Joy for weeks/months due to her work and mine I guess. Lovely grub

Between those bricks laid out to paint a picture of the day-in-the-life of me and Joan there is much mortar. All this is the binding and essential layers of relationships with people who I love and love me - accept me - no stabs in the back - no conversations about drugs or drink or violence ............. which will equip me to be able to stand in more difficult places during the coming weeks ......

Thanx for listening and touching your finger tips as you reach this way .....

you are special ...........