Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catch up from Pip

Little Conniepops has been ill all day. 
Good job it's not next week - 
a birthday girl!
Temperature and cough.
Hope it's only a one day bug.
To hear her say 'Hello Grandad'
in a voice like Tom Waits - cracks me up!

Mr Singh phoned today. He has been ill for a month over Christmas too. I have not had chance to curry with him due to busyness and weather in UK. We must curry soon.

Sheila has just dug out a pile of 45's from my garage for my juke box. She is keen to fill it with new/old records. It's great she will spend time on it. One day it will be hers.

Sheila 2 has a new TV DIRECTOR job. It's about 5 months this time. Great for her. It will mean MrsBeautiful also being childminder for a couple of days a week x 5 months.
She loves being a Grandma and Conniepops to the depth of her soul.

I am a out to have a guest blogger - all the way from prison. 
I am really pleased to have this special human adding to this space.
Details soon.

Tax need not be taxing. 
So the saying goes. 
For me it triggers years of failure at school when it comes to all things numbers. 
Mr Gove would say I am a failure in life because I was that at school.
We don't all develop the same way 
AND I believe
PS. My tax is done. A killer this time.

Borgen the best TV in the UK. 
Some great material in these show which could be used for social and emotional learning. 
Yes I will.

My sort of work takes some quality time to prep. Every gig needs real individual design as it needs to achieve the objectives of those who hire me.
Hard work but I enjoy the delivery best.

Enough. It's zzzzzzzz time.