Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rugby League Season KO 2nd February hey hey

Having had no Rugby League to watch over the last few months 
and being in need of an oval ball fix, 
I turned in desperation to watching Sky's coverage of the 
kick and rush version. 

I can truthfully say that my levels of mind-boggling boredom 
have rarely reached such heights 
or should I say lows 
(perhaps only when watching ice melt). 
However, on closing my eyes and listening to the commentators 
I felt that I was listening to the greatest games ever played. 
There were so many superlatives used that 
I am sure that they must have a 
'Dictionary of Superlatives' close to hand. 
They can make a three yard run by a lumbering prop forward seem like 
Usain Bolt winning a gold medal.

A Letter to our weekly Rugby League Newspaper - and I love it!!!