Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Letter to Martin Luther King from prison.

In honour of Dr. King's holiday, here's a poem written by Art Laffin ... while in jail.

For Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear brother,
servant of justice,
you showed America how
to walk in the light,
to tell the truth,
to create the beloved community.

Like Gandhi, 
you conspired
to nonviolently resist injustice--
to overcome evil with good!

Minister and Peacemaker
prisoner for Jesus,
you challenged America
to break its addiction to the triple evils:

You called us forth,
to follow the way of Jesus,
to renounce violence,
resist war,
to break down the walls of prejudice,
to embrace peace.

The powers that be
threatened by justice,
killed you--
but not your message.

You live, dear brother,
your life--a beacon of hope!
The beloved community
is still being forged. 
Death will not have 
the last word.

Love will overcome!

(Written in Rappanhannock Jail, Fredricksburg, VA)