Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Siblings separated by care.

Siblings Together organises a range of exciting opportunities for siblings separated by care. 
We strive to work in partnership with creative organisations to offer opportunities that enable siblings to develop their skills and confidence together, previously partnering with the young Vic Theatre and the Royal Opera House.

Upcoming activities:
Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo
Exciting FREE drama workshops for children in care/leaving care, in the famous Young Vic Theatre in Southwark in 2013. We have a programme for young people in care 12-18. Dates: April 3rd-5th 2013. We have a total of 15 places, so book your place now. For more information please emailMimmi@siblingstogether.co.uk
To book a place download a referral form here . Applications returned by January 31st 2013