Friday, January 04, 2013

YOUTH WORKERS, be encouraged.

Youth Workers

You may not get any appreciation BUT
ENJOY this
30+ years later
It feels really good!

Wendy Ingle Muscat 
dear pip just wonna say a big thank you for putting all these photos on here they have been a pleasure to look at and the memories well were can u start ,, 
when i 1st started to come to the mayflower i had to lie about my age just so i could join think it cost 10p i would beg my mum to let me go 
i simply loved it there because of you i meet so many friends ,, 
even tho we woz sooo bad 
u never sore the bad in any1 
you always had time for everyone thank you for that ,,, 
i loved our weekends away camping ,, 
wales loved every minute of it 
so just to say thanks ,, 
loved joan such a lovely lady ,, 
and old mary remember her so well always making tea 
bless so big thanks to pip 
for our youth and our youth club
Suzanne Read 

So many wonderful memories Pip impossible to pick just one but used to love the coffee bar and listening to the music and learning the dances with Carol, Gill and the rest used to have a great laugh in the big room with all the pillows havnt got any bad memories. 
Remember all the hard work you and your team put in. 
I am often saying to my children and grandchildren what a shame that there arent any youth clubs in Hastings like the Mayflower. 
I have told my children and grandchildren many many stories about the Mayflower, you, your team. 
Also remember going away on youth weekends in the old bone shaker of the ambulance, do you remember that what a laugh we had. 
Would be pleased for you to put this on your website would be great if others did the same.