Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A QUESTION for you. Consider??

A Question for you.
Will you give it a go?

You face two doors as you walk the road of life.
One door says 
The other door says 

Which DOOR do you choose to go through and WHY?

Decide now and then look below - 

I use this a lot when I am leading groups.
Interesting the responses.
Interesting just to ask all the members present to share.
Everyone listens to the others.
Some fantastic responses.

Some want to get there quick. Escape the rat race and avoid the pain - they go for the Perfection door.

Others go for the Gradual Growth Door. 
Learning life through the good, bad and the ugly.
I remember Sean the Chef at Romford YMCA, what he said.
"I choose the gradual growth door because - if I was perfect I wouldn't have any satisfaction anymore"

I love that response - but their are many others!
Tell me yours???????????????

Finally this week::
I asked a group to do this and AND
for the first time EVER
this group, every person present said::
'The gradual growth door' - wow !

I love it ...........