Sunday, January 27, 2013


couldn't sleep
writing blogs in my head
writing a magazine page
'Pearls of Wilson'

6 am 
up and out for a walk
in the rain
don't care
Gilles Peterson 
plugged into the soul
via the ears
rain on my face
breathing deep

I am at Joy Wilson Mansions
Whitstable resident.
first time
to stay
loving it
strange to be on pause

I walk to the sea-front
the day is light
no sun
the gulls scream
I love it

I walk past the The Old Neptune Pub
past the dinghy racing 
past the Oyster House
past the rent-a-beach-hut-signs
past the rich persons sea-front houses
think a fleeting envy
but don't feel that envy
reality is more important than fantasy.

Jazz in my ears
fused Jazz
hip-hop jazz
funk jazz
I like my life to be fused
I like the mix
desire the new
the unexpected
uneasy comes with ease
love unease
love yearning
love uncomfortable
love change
and the music does that as I walk on

Through the harbour
the tide is out
boats on mud
yet beautiful
the gulls agree
they call it out

I man with a dog says hello - or 'morning
that does not happen in London
50 humans squashed in a commuting tube train
not one of them says hello
or 'morning

Small town is waking up
and I walk and sit on the seawall
I see the mist shrouded wind farm
out at sea
I see large distant ships
journeying the world
I feel warmth inside
without the sun outside

The newspaper boys are on delivery
the newspaper shop is open
He works 13 hours a day
he tells me
then he gets the 'ump
all because I want a newspaper
with a 20 pound note
I don't apologise
But I sympathise
such wasted emotions I feel.

Back to Joy's
one hour of walking
miles of thinking
I am pleased I couldn't sleep.