Friday, January 18, 2013

Emotionally Literate becoming Emotionally Intelligent.

By spending a minute you can see emotions in the faces and body language of each of the Blob people above.

Emotional literacy is practiced when we can place a word to describe an emotion.
Saying it out-loud is better than just thinking a word.
Writing a word is also better.
Speaking the word/s to others is the best.
That's why I love group work.
Group belonging is a great way to grow and learn together.

We grow in empathy when we can articulate feelings.
Therefore we can, with developing skills, lean to have helping relationships  - being useful to others who are in emotional difficulty/pain. 

Have a go at putting words to every Blob figure above.
when YOU have feelings - clock those too.

Owning and noting the feelings we have, especially the tougher ones, can stop them becoming an issue if we we accept them as signals. 
We are not running from them any more.

We become Emotionally Literate which is becoming Emotionally Intelligent.