Thursday, January 31, 2013

Your HEART on a big day - 14th February

14th FEBRUARY so close now
and it is a big day for many

Lent starts.

So I am making this known and you may wish to SHARE it in your networks for me?

It is something which is NOT a book but an opportunity to journey with your own soul.
Becoming - it's a BECOMING BOOK.
Interactive - with you.
Give it a glance ................

Blob Lent

Paperback, 86 Pages 

Lent is a time for change. It has always been so, and always will be. It is the journey towards the most significant event in human history - the death and resurrection of Jesus. This book enables the reader to reflect on why Jesus went into the desert and how we can apply those same ideas in our day to day lives. Each day includes actions and an opportunity for personal reflection using both words and unique images created for this book. An ideal resource for a personal companion during these forty special days.