Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have changed. I am somewhere else.

.....and yet I feel we don't know each other

but excited we will one day/s

Love and respect
both apply to you - for me.

I would love a 121
as we have talked about
a curry next best thing
but we must aim for a good 121 
when achievable eh?

Glad/pleased you read the books
Always want to have people read 
when published.
Gutter Feelings ugly in parts
regurgitates ugly feelings/memories 
for me
but real
but where I was then
who I was then
but changed now
forever ...

I have another book 
almost done
about what I do NOW
Training experiences
Group Work experiences

Blob experiences
undressing the soul stuff
Don't know what to call it
'More Gutter  Feelings' ?

Your aim - My advice?
Humans ask me this.

I do not have any. I have no advice.
You know the context you are working in 
or will research to discover if you don't. 
You know what is comfortable for you and the participants. 
You will want to be non-oppressive. 
You will not wish to abstain from 
the spiritual element of development.
As for me, 
I need to belong but also seek.

I like the line 
"I don't want to live within the sound of chapel bell - 
I want to live within a yard of hell"
It seems to me that to live in the comfort zone 
is the place where freedom does not reside - 
because it IS comfortable. 
Working and living at stretch 
will be an encounter with the spiritual and for me - 
that is good.

" A caterpillar looks nothing like a butterfly 
but one develops from the other"
There is stretch in this, 
but ‘to fly’ is the spiritual!