Thursday, January 10, 2013

PIP WILSON MUSIC Selection Box 2012.

I have at last finished my album of 2012.
Each year I put together  a list of favourite tracks from my eclectic taste in music.
It is not easy. 
I could easily list a series of albums which hit me below the belt, in the Hard Drive in my head or in the centre of my chest - my soul. hmmmm
Music means so much to me. I listen to it most hours of the day. 
Driving. Commuting. At my desk. On the sofa. Sometimes in bed.
I find it is magical. Spiritual. The vibes tunes melodies get to me .......... deep.

Selection Box 2012.
Here it is.
My chosen few from a massive range.
Uplifting music - for me.

My printer is dysfunctional.
I cannot print the label as normal.
I don't know how to use dropbox and send one too you.
I can't afford to mail out CD's 
(and cassettes back in the day!) 
as I have done for 20 years .......