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Just to let you know that Ricky Ross has done a feature on Jim Punton on his BBC RADIO SCOTLAND radio show this morning.
Jim was one of our GREENBELT FESTIVAL founders as a member of the Board and often speaking on radical issues long before others would touch.

He was a good friend of mine and gave a lot of support/theology/radical/Biblical scholar input to me over many tough years.

It was the early days  when I was close to him - between the 60's when I worked up north, THEN in London until the mid 90's when he died.
I have not heard the programme yet but a made a little recorded contribution.

At Greenbelt we have planned to  introduce some of the old tapes of great speakers onto our website which included Brennan Manning, Henri Nouwen and Jim Punton.
We have some great stuff on tapes from the past.

I capture RR show every week to play on my iPhone/commute and he covers some great stuff. A recent one about Brazil was wondrous.

Hope you can grab a listen

The Programme covers::

As shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong comes clean to chat show queen, Oprah, we consider why confessionals are no longer just between you and God, and why it takes a public apology to claw your way back into public affection.
Reverend Paolo Dall'Oglio was expelled from Syria last year for speaking up against the Assad regime, and for voicing the concerns of the country's Christian community. He explains to Ricky why he's still actively trying to garner international support for Christians in the region.
Head of BBC Alba and founding board member of El Sistema, Maggie Cunningham, tells Ricky about island life, her passion for the Gaelic language and culture, and her illustrious broadcasting career.
Up to 100 million pilgrims will attend the Kumbh Mela over the next 6 weeks. The Hindu festival takes place in the Indian city of Allahabad where the rivers Ganges and the Yamuna meet. Followers from all over the world will bathe in the holy waters, and live in the tented city. Ricky finds out how being part of such a collective event could be good for your health.
And we find out more about the life of a remarkable minister, Jim Punton, who championed the cause of the poor and oppressed.