Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Peaks and troughs in the WILSON MANSIONS 2012

Memorable 2012@WILSON MANSIONS
Eve - our dear friend - best friend to Mrs Beautiful is now in a nursing home and we love still - eternally.
Conniepops - nearly 3 and an increasing delight seeing her BECOMING all that she can become.
Young Humans still figure BIG in my life and greatest JOY is to work in small developmental groups - especially with those who have been battered/hurt/damaged in life.
500 - one of many memorable gigs I did was with 500 teachers.
10 books  - published this year. I think more - I must count them Some of them HERE. 
Bobby Book - a special book largely written by a man with immense courage and determined focus 'Between the Bars' - if you get ANY book/get this::  HERE
Friends visiting - we delight in friends from former life visiting and hanging out - making beautiful.
And to visit - our delight to see friends, I always feel I have not been good at 'friends'. Always busy working/missionising.
2 Goodwin weddings - our great friends invited us to TWO family weddings in a year - privileged to be with them at these special times.
Frank Funeral - our neighbour when we lived in Romford. He passed away and we joined them in the remembering and mourning.
Norway ROLLING MAGAZINE - I led hundreds of these shows over 15 years at Greenbelt but this year I led only one, in Norway, with the famous TENSING NORWAY as a great team.
Certain individuals who I feel closest to have gone through tough times, in/out of prison, tough times with drugs, past impacting present ...... I feel blessed to know them.
GREENBELT Heaven +mud - as always a special heaven for me. Not invited to 'do' this year. I always want to 'do' so dissatisfied but spent loads of time with 121 beautiful humans hmmm
New website - with the help of my best friend, Big John, a \new/ was born - and I love it - my writing has come alive again.
Curry with friends - BRICK LANE is a special place to Curry. We have a group pretty regularly collide there. I love these humans. It is an important group/place of belonging
Joy new home - our number one daughter moved home (down the same street!) - beautiful to live so close now.
Gout managed - the thorn in my flesh which has hit be periodically since 2010. It is still there but being managed in a homeopathic way. 
L5 x 32 years old! The LEVEL FIVE group who came together in 1980 is still going strong/with blips! To journey so long with one closed group - a PRIVILEGE.
Reims champagne week-end - my one favourite place to visit. No holidays nowadays but we had one glorious w/end here with friends.
Zig - we lost our beautiful non-human friend of 12 years. He had some sad few weeks before he left us and it all broke my heart. RIP Zig.
The Sheilas, their men and Connie came to us for Christmas Day - the first time for 10 years. They are the home-base in our lives and we love hanging out with them ...... forever.
Interior - my interior has been as active as doing. I still yearn and reach to feel dissatisfaction and refresh my irritation. I want to become whole and stretch myself humanly/eternally.
SHALOM - In 2013 and beyond I will " Seek the Shalom of the city,  where I have sent you ........ and in it's Shalom you will find your own Shalom" (Jeremiah29:6-7)

youarebeautiful - not only because you join with me here - you are just  beautifullll.