Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GREENBELT FESTIVAL - A generous community.

Greenbelt 1974 advert

Greenbelt at 40 Film: The Result

At the end of a great fundraising campaign, here’s the Greenbelt at 40 film director Pip Piper with news of how the campaign wrapped up:
Thanks to the very generous Greenbelt community we raised just over $18,000 on our recent crowd funding campaign onindiegogo.
Alongside those funds we have also raised other gifts and sponsorship so we are nearly half way there to our target budget. This mean we are now well under way with the research and creative time to work on the shape and elements of the film as well as finding great archive ( stills / film and audio) from across the four decades.
Greenbelt will be setting aside a specific part to this website for regular updates and how you can be involved, so watch this space.
Once again many thanks.
- Pip Piper, GB at 40 Film Director