Friday, January 16, 2004

This weeks Gilles Peterson is wicked.
Tunes pulled in by bike, unheard and fresh from recording the day before the show, all hot stuff. There is a direct link from my home page ( ) to his where you can stream the whole 2 hour programme ...... I guess only if you are on broadband.
You may not recognize any of the below but that is the thing which excites ....... new stuff is pushing the boundaries of the art, the beauty of music ....... a mars bar for the soul. Have a taste and see if you like.
Jazzanova have been favs of mine for a few years and an interesting radio programme I also record weekly is the 'one world' radio one show. Midnight Thursdays. ..... underground dance music from around the globe. There is a Jazzanova special there for you now, for two hours hmmmm .......... I listen now on the imac as I clickdakeystoyou

Mr.De' - 'Whonleeone' (Electrofunk)
Irfane - 'A Matter Of Time' (Talkin Loud Test)
Jazzanova - 'Boom Clicky Boom Clack (It's Wot we Do)' (Talkin Loud Test)
Jazztronik - 'Samurai' (Especial)
Gene Harris - 'Latin Love Funk Song (Bugz n The Attic re-work)' (Blue Note Test)
Lizz Fields - 'When I See Love (TY Remix)' (Unisex)
Roy Ayers - 'On What A Lonely Feeling' (BBE)
Q Tip - 'Scram Jones' (White)
Q Tip - 'Compute' (White)
Q Tip - 'Official' (White)
Context Feat. Grand Puba - 'Just Music' (Jonny B)
N.E.R.D - 'Don't Worry About It ' (Star Trax)
Five Deez - 'Kinkynasti' (K7)
Build An Ark - 'You've Gotta Have Freedom' (White)
RSL - 'Love Will Be Strong' (White)
Intuit - 'Western Sunrise' feat.Andy Bey & Muneer B. Fennell (White)
Troublemakers - 'Every day is an Extension Of Yesterday' (Blue Note)
Jeffrey Williams - 'Some How' (White)
Hu Vibrational - 'Joyful Road' (Soul Jazz)
Zero 7 - 'Home' (Ultimate Dilemma)
Mark De Clive Lowe -'4.Y.V' (White)
Joseph Malik - 'Untitled' (Compost white)

Dance like no-one is watching
Sing like no-one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.