Thursday, January 15, 2004

In a period of nine months, the only words he has said to me have been

" I slashed my arm to the bone"

Bloggers with me for some duration may remember this.

Today he came to a group session. Why? .... I don't know.
I was surprised. It has been a long time. I always have the principle of saying hello even I am always blanked or rebuffed in some way.
There is extreme needs displayed here. Loving the unlovely comes to mind. I don't worry about him. I don't know him. I am not responsible 'for' him and have had no opportunities to be responsible 'to' him.
The person who jumped in front of the train today. I am sad, but it did not cut me to the heart.
I do feel more and deeply so, for the young male human who cannot return to his own community because of the actualized violence.
They tell me, or speak while I am there, of the messy drugs and the messy relationship which they play bumper cars with.
And then there is whispers close to the ears as they communicate the things really significantly not for me ......... and strangely, shortly afterwards, disappear into secret group places.

In a strange way I feel we have to hug the drugs, hug the violence, hug the foul language, hug the loudness, hug the alcoholic drenched lives.
If those most ugly things hindered the hugging ....... if we let those exposed roots of their human condition hinder the hugging ....... we will be ignoring their cries of pain explicit in behaviours. I feel we need to hug their beauty into life and, as one of the youngest women said to me today, "don't we get so much from helping others"

"In giving we receive" says the bible book.

.......... it is late and sleep must be given a fair chance ........ zzzzzzz