Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Part of my work, my mission, is always listening to people in a way that affirms the human person or persons I am with.
With the mess they often know they are in, there is a need always, that I confirm in them that they are a living human no matter what they are like.
Confirming in them that they are beautiful human persons no matter what they are like. Their behaviour, their language, their physical frame, their drug induced state, their stumbling inarticulateness. They need to have it confirmed that they are a human becoming.

There are factors which I believe are vital as I enter into a helping relationship with them.
One big one is ....... the willingness to listen to myself. I need to form a helping relationship with myself so I can develop. That means listening to my own soul and this sort of reflection helps. If I am to facilitate growth and development in others, I must facilitate the same in myself. This is a touching experience for me. It touches my richness and my poorness.