Saturday, January 03, 2004

Just been to Willy Wonka land and nearly had a chocolate o.d.
Brugge was snowing as we left and beautiful place it was, with or without the snow or chocolate.

Sorry I have been off-blog. Pleasure takes over your life sometimes and I think I have been a bit consistent over the last year. I guess you have had a disrupted blog viewing lifestyle .............. I guess. The ewaves have been somewhat quiet.

It was cold in Brugge but a great small city to visit if you have not had the pleasure. The digital camera was filled half daily and downloaded onto the mac laptop slideshow to keep. We had some good walks and food and drinks and blondes. My favorite blonde was a 'monk blonde'
Lotta brits there too.

ipod news.
-big article in the Guardian today to tickle poddies like me.
-it seems there will be a small cheaper coloured ipod in the new year
-Adolfus helped me set my itunes to record the four hour all winners for playing on my ipod. When I returned my imac screen was filled with error messages BUT the amazing thing, there it is, the much wished recording ...... there in my playlists for listening too forever. The only thing ........ it had recorded 'daily' at two gigs a time and ................... I had to test and delete them. Just one saved now and the two gigs only has 3 hours-23 minutes of music. So my weekly show will take one gig-a-week. hmmmm
-Gilles Peterson, my favorite dj, is now on my pippod. You can catch the streamed full four hours, available for 7 days only via the bbc website. Now I need to do as good as Ado by fixing it to tape the weekly programme.

I do go on a bit ...... about the music don't I ?

Much more swirling around my little brain.
so ...................... for the last time this year
happy new year
blogerdy blog new year

pippody here
or would you rather have
pip diddy