Monday, January 12, 2004

"I had three hours off today because I am filming tonight. Went swimming and eat shark - but not at the same time"
A little family news from Barbados. I will let you know when the programme is due on tv.

Busy so the blogs get pushed until the early hours you see. Had beautiful dinner at Joys today. hmmm. Thats the people and the food

Saw ' the gangs of new york' on dvd last night. Interesting. The era and the set scenes were so full of character and makes me think how little I know of history.

Derek asked me on Thursday what was my favorite album of the year ....... and I had to say it is Amy Winehouse. Nothing from U2 this year which would have been a big spin of the year.
Amy Winehouse (Frank) is not that good as a total album but some of the tracks are fab. Her voice and potential is the big exciting thing. If you look on my website you will find a link which has been on there for months. Click it and you can hear Amy sing. It is not popidolstuff it is pipspinstuff.

My album of the year is being burned for you and I await the sleeve notes before posting. I love it. Hope you do to.

Got meetings all day Monday including the first Greenbelt Board meeting for the new year and the first of three gb meetings this week. It is exciting as ever. It is all about heaven ............... reaching out and touching heaven. At the same time God moves his finger towards us and presses his fingerprint on the soul.
These things are what only sober people would call miracles.