Wednesday, January 21, 2004

This is a letter I have created ................. to special people.

Dear name
Thanx for your giving to the group last night. I am aware that it was a bit like having a real vivid honest discussion on a moving staircase. So I appreciate your efforts all the more.

There was fantastic sharing going on – even amongst the walking in and out of other people. The reason why I encourage this sort of sharing is to touch real feelings and when we do that we are more accepting of the reality – the real depth of our feelings. I believe that, if we are honest with these feelings, we can move on from that base of honesty to a better life.
All of us have gone through stuff in our lives which have left scars. What I am aiming for is to help the group to create a good vibe which then, the group itself, becomes a helping environment. It only works if people are honest and you were last night.

So …………… I write with appreciation and an encouragement to press on. We can be like an octopus which squirts out a cloud to cover up the fears and threats, wanting to cloud out from view the real threats. Last night you faced the real and that makes us stronger as individuals and as a group ……. It seems to me.