Monday, January 19, 2004

U2 fans only
some hot stuff here:-

By Any Other Name

We know you’re wary of false idols in these lean times. But has some authentic, honest-to-goodness scoops for you: can you say “working song titles”? We’re not at liberty to name our industry sources, but we can vouch for their accuracy. These titles are subject to change, so they could easily be different in their official release.Omnia mutantur and all that.

What we know:

“Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”… is a version of the song Bono sang at his father’s funeral in 2001. This one you probably knew; it’s been buzzed about since 2001 — note, however, one source suggests it’s “Can”, not “Can’t”.
“Sky Hawk”… was described to us as “epic, highbrow rock,” and is intended for the soundtrack to a major 2004 superhero film — and therefore, could end up as the first song to reach the public.
“Love And Peace Or Else”… is reportedly “bluesy.”
“Jahweh”… is a title that, you may recall, we slipped to you a while back. One source made a case for it as “one of the greatest songs U2 have ever recorded.” Make of that what you will…