Friday, January 23, 2004

Ever tried to lead an 'experiential-personal development-informal education' group on an escalator?
I just did.
With a core group of about six humans, the scene kept shifting with people coming and going as we tried to do some real level five stuff.
I did happen, the good stuff that is. We did the sharing of feelings/personal position right now. We then did do a sharing thing about when these special people were at their worst. So powerful and so tough to do ..... for me too.
We then did the ending with a positive, the being honest about what we want for the future ....... an ideal hmmm.
i don't know how to do this stuff. It is just-a-busking it.
The core values are the acceptance and inclusion of all.
The strive for self revelation.
The emphasis on openness and truth ........ feelings not opinions.(there is a massive difference. In fact I strive all the time to avoid the decline into opinions)
A big strive is to provide a fertile ground to enable growth to happen.

I don't know if you are with me in all this but this is the reality for me and that is what I blog..

I really do feel deep love for these humans becoming.
They come to the group freely.
They share with such guts.
They are honest to a level of hurt.
They look onwards and forwards too.
There is chemical influence in the souls of some.
I take risks with lives but it must be done.
I believe .....................................................