Friday, January 23, 2004

clicking dis on my piptop ..........
I am away with the people who have decided to give to an Association which cares for the whole of the YMCA Staff across four nations. Ireland, Scotland, Wales and yes England. APS (Association of Professional Staff) is a group I have belonged to for a few years and I am on my last elected lap. I end in June.
Fine folks.
Fine purpose.
Massive need.
7000 of them/us

We can be so self contained;
in ourselves ...... shudder the thought
in our own staff team ........ hmmm
in our own local ymca ....... vital to be a community but
in the four nations we can bring beautiful exchanges of learning, challenge, training, growth in spirit and the rest of the package we need.

So here I am loving it loving it ...... at a conference centre called High Leigh in Hodderston. I love this place and I will be here soon for a Greenbelt Angels w/e and then a Can Opener Conference with the ymca. The environment can so add to the mission of the conference.

I will be left with some enhanced relationships and a new vision for the ymca staff for the next year. We have needs and we can meet so many by sharing together.

I am feeling good thanx.
A few life decisions to make. Have you?

Me and Joan just talk. We talk so much about alsorts and that is good.

I am looking forward to eating out with Ann and Joan at the w/e and having a good catchup before she flies to Hong Kong. I love my daughters ..... sorry ....... our daughters.

Music at the moment ...... Nelly is on, with all the others, from my itunes mactop mix