Wednesday, January 28, 2004

hmmmm ......... I am blogging and there is no groove to place the needle in right now. So here goes ...........

I am always interested in communication. The world is. Life cannot exist without it. To love is to communicate, love is a doing word, and that interests me.

The normal spoken speed is about 125 words per minute. If we measured the speed of thought it is said to be four times that.
So every minute (125 words) of someone is talking to us, we have an extra 400 words of thought time/words/thinking time to manage.

That given, it is a difficult task for the listener/receiver AND pretty much a challenge for the speaker/sender too.
I am interested in communication and that means 'words out' but also 'words in'. We cannot be communicators unless we listen ....... otherwise we may-as-well talk to ourselves! Add to all this the complexity of 'non verbal communication', body language, and we have something in everyday usage open to great misunderstanding.

My work with groups is a challenge. Not only do I aim to communicate but I aim to create an environment and opportunity for everyone there to communicate. Yes listening! Yes verbally and non-verbally expressing themselves.

One big issue here is something I have good conversations about. The issue of our own sensitivity to ourselves. If we are not aware of our own feelings, in touch with them, it seems to me we are in a struggle to understand other humans. So many people I know do not know how they are feeling, being able to put a word to a feeling.
I am happy.
I am frustrated.
I am angry.
I am low.
I am bitter.
I am at peace.
I am ....................... you fill in the space about your feelings now.

I believe we can then become sensitive to others better. From that base of sensitivity we can then decide how best to communicate.

I have had some wondrous experiences of communication in the last 48 hours and my tiny inadequate clicking fingers cannot cope.
I wish I could click as fast as I could talk.
Then of course I would like to click as quick as I could think!

........ what a groove ................. bhp