Sunday, January 18, 2004

....blogerdyblog here
pip diddy here
as my daughters would say
pipdaddy here

Feel I have been unblogged for ages ..... I have been busy and have had three Greenbelt meetings this week ........ meetings is a poor description.

We have been doing the biz to plan and deliver the best festival in the world ..... in my humble opinion.
It is a an experience that cannot be described. Just get there this year and enjoy.
You can get a taste of the festival on the coming week-end when greenbelt goes conference centre rather than racecourse.
Details on

Now i am here at home and drinking my favorite Cointreau and a nice cigar. Joan has gone to bed and me and Zig are keeping the lounge warm as the tv churns out tacky 'sunday newspaper' ads and pushes old late night movies in your face.

The Friday gathering of about 80/90 Greenbelters was a brainstorming of Ideas for the festival in August ...... the theme being
"Freedom Bound"
It was electric being among all these people ...... most I did not know. We buzzed with ideas and laughed, really laughed. We scrambled on each others backs with new ideas .......... I love this community of kingdom people.

Paul came all the way from Guernsey. We know each other lovingly well but have only talked in the context of a group of people late night after every night of greenbelt for the last four years. This time we shared the gb gathering together and a couple of pints after. Twas wonderful.
So much to say but one special touch was to discover that a couple we worked with in Mobberley Boys Approved School, nearly 40 years ago, was the Vicar of pauls church in Guernsey sometime later. Small world. Beautiful.
It was great to have him stay the night, cigar together, munch some cheese and drink some late night beer. hmmm

Then all day saturday the Greenbelt Trustees spent a day of visioning and forging wondrous direction These humans are good to be with. All intensely committed to a christian way which is on the edge. Love it love it and ..... it was exhausting for the mind but great for the soul.

Was great to see Joan again after a busy week.
Ann is home from Barbados.
Joy is preparing for New York.
It is church in the morning and then the rest of the the day as recovery from the week and prep for the forthcoming life of mission. I need to clear a bulging iMac inbox. My head needs to catch up, my mind needs a pace change, my soul needs to have the refresh button pressed a few times. And, I can tell, I need to read something. That is good for me.

So that is a little of me.
I write coz I need to.
I need to reflect and learn this life thing.

How do you learn life?

Have a good day today and liveinwonder.