Saturday, January 10, 2004

I remember meeting a London based architect who said he had never touched anyone, or had been touched, for twenty years.
He had conducted the formal hand shake several times a day but he did not mean that sort of touch.

Touch can be:-
and other words you may think of .......... or imagine.

Touch can speak louder than words.
"I was touched" can mean that an experience was deep and meaningful.

I have blogged in the past about a 'touching moment' when I was vulnerable.
When I run training courses or games evenings or developmental workshops, it is fantastic to do the sort of activities when people can touch each other in a non-threatening way. Groups seem to kick into a different depth when they can freely show sensitivity to others non-verbally.

At Greenbelt, some years ago in the heady days of 30000 people and a main-stage attracting everyone - I have fond memories of people reaching out with their fingertips and touching the outstretched fingertips of others. A minute of real communication. A big net of saying something special.
I have used this and at the same time had someone read the unique poem I created when I worked with the east end teenagers. (I will do a link to this at the bottom of the page)

The finger tip can communicate feelings.
If a big man called Misha from Russia came into the same room as me he would do two things.
1 he would lift his fingerprint and press it to mine.
2 he would give me a big bear hug
er ... I forgot ... 3 he would give me a massive big grin.
He used to be a Professor of the Moscow Officer training college during the USSR years. An officer himself. He now is the chief YMCA European leader for the Russian ymca. He is a big man. Every-way.

Research has been conducted regarding the sensitivity of the finger tip.
But we know that anyway

Touch someone today


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