Monday, February 02, 2004

Have been 'up north' for the week-end.

Leading a Training event on Saturday in Manchester.. Was really good for them, they kindly expressed, and I loved the vibe and refreshing of the soul.

Drove past
189 broad oak road St Helens.
That was the house joan and bought and we lived in it from wedding day for exactly one year ....... only. A year to the day.
God had wiggled his little finger for the first move from home town. The destination was Mobberley in Cheshire. An Approved School for young offenders from Manchester.
Since then, forty years later - we have lived in 'on-the-job' housing ......... five projects in five communities and five million vivid experiences with zillions of beautiful humans.

We drove past the dark lane where we had our first kiss!

Visited the street where I was born and ................ so it was a memory lane gig too.

Midst that was the call I blogged about below in my most recent words.
Paul Wilson, I understand - is now off the critical list following the removal of a blood clot which was outside the brain. There is concern about possible damage to the brain and the spinal cord.
This has been a shock at a distance. It must have been total dread in close up. Pray on please ..................