Friday, February 13, 2004

Good to get the rugby league season under way tonight and a good display of skills too. Now I look forward to the Saints getting their kit on and doing their unsaintly stuff.

today has been strange
- have been trying to do catch up after a busy period
- trying to recover from my colbd
- fix my laptop which has got a bug in the iphoto very recently. It means I cannot get access to my 100 pix from my conference and my massive collection from my work and used in my work. At the moment I cannot fixit and Tomek my friend and macmaster says he cannot deal with it without getting hands on. I dread the loss of the pix.
- get a life

the rugby helped and the planned free time this w/e will too.
A more sane human will blog come Sunday evening.

In the mean time I want to say:-

"you are very very nice people"