Thursday, February 26, 2004

my notes to my album of favorites

Two Shots of Happy One Shot of Sad
Pip Wilson: some favorite tracks 2004
Notes to the tracks...............................
1 UNKLE like the experimental nature
but this track is in because of the quirky
start it gives my album .........................
2 Yonderboi is a Hungarian band who
daughter Ann discovered when she was
doing a film for MTV. Like the haunting
unrecognizable words and the crackle.
3 Amy Winehouse is chosen as my
favorite album because of the potential
rather than it being a complete flowing
work of art.
4 Willis too. Another great Brit full on
voice with some, not all, good songs.
5 Vikter Duplaix was my fav album on
my iPod by the side of the Italian pool
in June. I love this as I return to it. It
has some fine depth and reason.
Touches real life in me.
6 The Roots hits my loudness button
in my soul.
7 White Stripes my only Rock album
bought in 2003. Come in U2.
8 'I just want to love you baby' was a
hook line I used in Prague. me and JT
did a sing-a-long in the main square.
9 Snoop and the Neptunes are in with
me and I collect 'beautiful' songs.
10 One is lined up for my funeral
and this version by a major man in
music history.( J. Cash)
11 Cheesy but love the U2 song
written for Sinatra but he died early.
Matt Dusk.
12 My imac says I played this there
more than any other. Massive, deep.
Massive Attack.
13 Classic Prince but love the rock
in this. Means much to me.
14 Beautiful. A meaningful song
which could not leave out. Beautiful!
15 My favorite Pav' song of love.
Orchestra best but ..... love it.
16 Nitin Sawhney I buy all he does.
Love his cross-culture-ness. Aqualung
on vocal(who played Greenbelt 2003)
17 Great man. Love him. Deep
moving song. Title track-new album.
18 Don't know the Hungarian words
here, hope fit my ethos? Feels-good.
Nice feel to close the sounds down.
19 Only seven seconds from a man
who speaks great things at Greenbelt
every year. "We are not there yet"
(John Bell)
incomplete I am. yearning for more of
all things. Wanting to journey in
uncertainty towards wholeness.