Thursday, February 12, 2004

......... this another bit of me which I clicked onto the ibook at the conference during the week .........................

Feel expectant. Feel nervy in an exhilarating way. 
Feel my nose starting to leak. 
Just before bed last night, I felt that 'I have a cold coming' feeling.
Funny is, I don't believe in them so I have difficulty coming to terms with a dripping snout. 

That is the last credit this drip will have on my blog.

Just heard some sad, so sad, news. 
Margaret Hillyer has died. 
She died on Thursday following years of battle with e the big c. 
David and Margaret have been friends since they worked with us when we were in Canning Town - East London. 
The did the sailing out in Tollesbury and we made them a concrete boat. 
A rescue concrete boat. 
We also made a 40 foot multi berth boat called Cockney Spirit. 
It took kids, from tough inner city places, into experiences of adventure and development. 
I was the chairman of the charity until we eventually sold it to pay the hole hole in our financing.
Margaret was a key person in our relationship with Fellowship Afloat.

Into your hands .............. a beautiful person of faith ........... over to you God.