Saturday, February 14, 2004

I have 'garage band' on my mactop
this is a mixing desk where you can make music.
I have made my first 10 track tune. Dance track of course.
I am keen to find out how to us it and be creative.
At the moment I have not a clue. Just a playing

I have a problem.
I cannot open my iPhoto which is the mac digital pix system.
I have about 100 pix from my conference this week and cannot send them out to the beautifuls.
feelings ........................... frustrated.

Happy Valentines Day
if this is the first for you ......... worry not. It is just a commercial day but at the same time affirmative. Do you know anyone who will need a little love from the heart?

I feel not ok really, with a temperature. Well, I suppose I would be dead without one!


"you are very very nice people"