Monday, February 23, 2004

.the great man Martyn Joseph won the Welsh 'best male singer' in the 2004 Awards last Friday and I am delighted for him.

I nicked some words off his website about the experience:-

".................. It felt good in a sense to feel something tangible was being recognised after so much hard work. I’m not much good at accepting praise but I cant deny it felt good and it will help raise the profile of the music I play.
It was a fairly noisy room to play too, but I was glad to get up and say and play something that might just have counted. It’s a strange balloon one enters into..the media and celebrity world..indifference is cool and almost expected, and yet the world cant get buy on that, you cant hold relationships together with that, you cant effect change with that and I’m not sure you can sustain a loyal audience with it either. It was good to be able to publicly thank a few folk who have helped so much during this twenty-year journey, and I look forward to doing it again in another twenty years.
This boy is not for turning and has a lot he wants to do and say, I’m still as hungry for it all as I have ever been and I’m looking forward to walking through all the new doors being opened.

Great to hook up with Mike Peters after not having seen him for a few years, and how well deserved his lifetime achievement award is. It was also nice to meet Steve Balsamo, who presented me with the award. He won it last year and is a great talent. I had some good friends with me on my table, along with Sian and my Mum and Dad..special. x .............................................. "