Wednesday, February 04, 2004

....... the recent blog-er-di-bla was ended abruptly ........( see below if you missed the hiccup ) I was in the middle of Kelis/Tasty her new album.
ipoding it for two hours of one album is great but ........... I always believe I have to hear it in the car and the home stereo a couple of times as well before I can reach a decision on its value to my soul.

I like it. The bass touches my soul.
Love the fusion of Rock and rap as I did when run dmc blew me away with their 'walk this way' ........ it blew holes in walls of all that had gone before it seems to me.
It was a pleasure to listen to Kelis for a long journey and loved it full on and with those plugs rooted deep in my ears.
The 'milkshake' current single is a bit 'shake your booty' ...... justin/janet like if you know what I mean. The rest of the album is rudyrudy but good funk and a drive that I like so far.

The contrast with the new zero 7 when it gets delivered, will be great- BUT so are my moods and rhythms of life.

if god is the DJ
life is the dance floor
love is the rhythm
you are the music

you get what you are given
it's all how you use it

get you ass on the dance floor

from the new PINK single which I bought today .... hey hey