Tuesday, February 17, 2004

my darling little mactop has gone into hospital
tomek specialist ward
operation sometime this week on her iphoto area

I met Dr Tomek in a lay-by outside UEL(university of east london) where he is starting his Phd in mac/web/pip/mactop/computer studies. It was there, between the sobs, that I handed over her for pre-op examination. She will be under his anesthetic for one week until we meet again on the same double yellow lines to reconnect with her loved one.

I will miss the late night wi-fi cuddles on the settee.
I will miss the sharing I do with her following my intense group work.
I will miss the instant reflective blogging we do together.
I will miss the solid feel I experience as she snugs into my backpack.
How she jumps into action to show her full screen slide shows to admirers.
How she kisses all the pix from my camera at a moments notice, and keeps them safe.