Thursday, February 05, 2004

.............. so much to express ............ I have been busy and neglected my reflection time clicking ..... usually I click for you too. I cannot always click things about the people I work with ...... some is too sensitive and I would betray confidence and must never do dat.

Just got back from a BRMC secret gig at the Garage in London North. I like the dark seedy vibe and it is so good to be in a Rock club. Rock and guitar stuff is not my favorite stuff now -a-days. I am more of a dance leaning fanatic. The best for me is the fused, the fused of everything that exists in eternal-music-life. But I liked seeing BRMC with Dave Harris as me-mate. I like to feel my water bottle vibrate with the bass rocketing at me. We need em at Greenbelt. Dan their manager who I had planned to meet there, pulled out. But great to see Martin Wez Simon and Ben all rocking it.

As usual The lead singer of 'The Call' Michael Been, one of my all time favorite bands (Let the Day Begin and other unique songs), was working the sound desk for his son and mates. The last time I saw him was at the Brixton Academy as we bopped to Primal Scream

Feel good
and tired
but sleepless.
Buzzing too much.
Listening to Gilles as I click.
Not even got "I'm a celeb" on TV ...... even with the sound down!

I love going out for 'an Indian'
On Saturday Joan and me are going out for 'a Polish'

Need lots of preparation time in the next four days and it does not exist ........ other than the night shift. Big week next week. I work very informally but need lots of prep time.

If I have not got back to your email ............ will be doing asap.
In the meantime .........
take a deep breath
deep and slow
feel the cooler air draw into your nostrils on it's way to the lungs
feel the warmth in the nostrils as it is exhaled.
cooler in
warmer out
and thank God for the life you live and breathe
Breathe on me breath of God
fill me with life brand new .............