Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Fantastic article in the Guardian Today about the brain
it must be on their website if you are interested.

Joy is in S Africa in da Sun
Ann is inHong Kong and meeting level5 Annabel who
in hong kong and Macau

On the 15th of this month Ann has her New York Programme launching the new series of holiday programmes on ITV 3. If you see any advance press or reviews, let me know as she will miss it with being away. It is good she has the first show. Watch it and boost the viewing figures ....... please

paul field dot com has put a link from his website to mine.
love it and appreciate
he is a great man
and artiste.

loving to watch I'm a celeb ..........
not to watch the bugs and stuff ...... that gets a turnover
but love the people watching and it stays on till 2am as I do my ewaves to you.