Saturday, February 07, 2004

I did it again yesterday.

I once was traveling through Bulgaria on a train fro Sophia the Capital to Russe on the border of Romania. Well ....... the border was the Danube. If I had slept on longer in the night train I would have ended up in Istanbul!
It was a ymca support group, working with the Bulgarians to encourage their development an re-emerging from under the cloud of Communism.
On the return trip back to Sophia it was yet another sleepless night train.
When I eventually returned to the crappie airport I immediately departed in the departure lounge. I departed into sleep. Knackered.
I suddenly woke myself with the utterance of the loudest of pig like snorts to the amusement of the passengers to be, and my own sleepy embarrassment.

I did it again yesterday as my train pulled in at London Waterloo.