Thursday, February 12, 2004

Just been in the hands of Martyn Joseph

It is Tuesday offline. I am blogging to post later ...... this week that is.
I can only blog a FEW WORDS ABOUT THE DAY. Those caps indicate my tiredness and my thick stubby fingers hitting the wrong keys.
So I blog the tips of the days experience. Not the whole. Sometimes I blog my low life too so I am honest.

Martyn came to the conference I have helped to pull together and .......Martyn performed and he tottered on the edge of emotion and level five feelings which touched my soul. It did also for others. It went deep into people. Through the mind, emotion, spirit, soul, rhythm ........ every sense was stretched. He talked and sung his heart out. He subjected himself to the depth of questions from me.
All communicated the man.
The faith.
The passion.
The drive .....................

He is truly a beautiful human.
I love him.


p.s. ..... I pause to wipe drip off the end of my nose.