Monday, February 23, 2004

Just been a clubbing with the Sheilas (Joy and Ann)
and Janet and Charlie (Mr and Mrs pipdotcom-Webmaster)

A different sort of club night with Gilles Peterson my favorite DJ who was heading up the evening called 'journey into jazz'.

Real good stuff and a good mix of music - latin - dance - drum and bass - hip hop and all good to lay down your groove and wear away your trainers.
Must must must do it again soon.

Spent most of the week-end sorting out the debris from the gigs in past few weeks. Expenses, files, work of a dust up and bin it type.
My week ends will now be different until mid October because super league has began. Life will become relaxed quicker as Joan and me catch an odd live game and every game on tv.
Rugby League.
Beef on the bone is back.