Monday, July 12, 2004

..... I wept tonight when I saw a Jew and a Palestinian hug each other.

It was a TV programme which I taped for possible use, as I do with Big Brother when I am in.
I suppose the issue is about;
-there is no Jew or Gentile
-slave or free
-male or female
all are one in Jesus ................ (pip stumble through a Bible verse).

It does NOT mean, it seems to me, that we lose our sexuality when we fall in love and attach ourselves to the Maker. It does not mean that our nationality will change, or which football - rugby team we support or stopping being an Hells Angel to become suited and booted! What it means is an interior transformation of a continues kind.
It means we can hug.

It means we can hug a human from another racial group who associate with the the persons who murdered their son - as in the TV programme tonight.

It links to the 'oppression' blog I did below - methinks.

'I am wearing my freedom like a chain around my neck ......'... these are the words from the Jill Scott song I mention below.

I am living my life like it's Golden .......... that is the song title .......... one day you will be singing it too.

You are Golden ................