Friday, July 30, 2004

......... Mother in Law is with us for two weeks so I am doing all the music and dancing. Musical in the front room every evening - all my bad jokes ............. not really ...... but she is with us and, as with other house guests - we do all sorts of things which take you out of the social norm.

But I have had time to record excellent internet radio onto my hard drive and therefore iPod bound.
Weekly now is my Benji B Thursday midnight on 1Xtra. It is the best hip hop station and this is wide ranging stuff with a hip hop foundation.
The other is my long standing 3 hours of Pete Tong. All this is my listening for the week.
Missed out, you may have noticed, is my favourite DJ Gilles Peterson. That is because his programme has moved from my ritual Wednesday to Sunday at 11pm. More travelling vibes for this coming week.

There is now a ne Audio Hyjack to do this capturing and it has, the PR tells me, a system of waking up the hard drive which is an ongoing problem for me. Even when on 'never sleep' the iMac clock stinking sleeps and cocks up my recordings. I will have to invest $16 in the new software.

I note I have gone all techy and no feelings. Stink - what a weed I turned out to be. Or is it a mask? No don't think so. I love my music and feelings are part of that too. I have feelings about my sleeping clock.

I am feeling ok but, as always I am slowing up after a busy week and feel a bit sluggish. M in L duties took me away from some work today so will have to do some funky stuff in the morning.

I have recently completed two articles on Spirituality and Young people as an Asset. I think I will post them on my website when they are well and truly published in the magazines.

I don't know how you are feeling unless you tell me. Many people do. Sometimes by email, often in a group context, often in a one on one. I feel honoured to be given that that level. It is more than just fact. It is trust. It is risk, it is like undressing - the soul. I think our relationships move when we get to that. That level. Relationship building with God too. Those feelings shared with God in relationship - that too - a naked experience. I suppose I think that the best and nearest we can get to an eternal relationship - is that experienced/demonstrated by a good human one.
I am working on both.
I need help from both.

Glad Michelle has left Big Brother - just could not feel good about her insecure hanging on, - cling-on, relationship with her man.