Monday, July 05, 2004

U2 news or speculation fro @U2dotcom .........

July 05, 2004
posted by: m2

Overheard on various mailing lists and via emails from fans to @U2....

According to sources in the touring industry:

Tour will start in March in Miami.

Tour will be in arenas.

Signatures Network (group that runs will take over the role Propaganda served before, offering a paid fan club membership with one member benefit being access to concert ticket pre-sales.

Ticket pre-sales are scheduled to start in late November, around the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.

As for the album, a fan who recently returned from Dublin was fortunate to be able to hear 12 new songs (probably the whole album!) and says "They're fantastic!!! Two are ballads, and three are pure rock, very fast rhythm. One has "Electrical Storm"'s guitar riff, I suppose it's the same as another fan told it is between "Electrical Storm" and "Beautiful Day." One has a bluesy tone and the others are more melodic. Two have a very powerful bass line." (Thanks to K and R for reports....)

In somewhat-related news, we have removed the link to the "All Because of You" clip at the request of the person who made the original recording. The recording was shared with other fans, one of whom ignored the taper's request to post anything online. Welcome to U2 fandom in the 21st century....