Thursday, July 22, 2004

........ too late for sanity tomorrow ........... this is ......
but it is the last Gilles Peterson radio show for Wednesdays - as he moves to Sundays at 11pm next week.

This is just in from Big John and he gives me permission to share with you ....... it is all part of the Greenbelt build up ........ miss it if you dare ...........
hi pip
starting to prepare now for the main event of the year, mentally and physically.
Tried today  to book for 5 nights at the Thistle Cheltenham, but they seem to be fully stocked up.

The new hotel across the road from the Thistle is available, -  Travelodge -  so looks like me and jules and the baby grace (The Chick as we dearly call her), will have to book in there for the duration.

It would be nice to have a few pints and a cigar with you of a night, so its handy for me nipping over the road to the thistle bar (thats if you guys are staying there this year).

I have sent in all me stuff (forms for clearance and the like) to Katie who is organising the volunteers for the seminar recording and duplicating, i am really looking forward to giving my time and effort, thrilled in fact. Cant wait.

 For me last year's event was so special, i guess in the main because it was really unplanned and the way it worked out couldnt have been planned, by me anyhow.

I think the Great Planner had a hand in it.

If you can imagine it from where i stand.......

 'Accidentally' happened upon Greenbelt 20 years or so back

My girlfriend at the time (Jules) went there the previous year with Traidcraft as a volunteer and came back with good crack, so i naturally wanted to see what the fuss was about, mainly for the bands (being in one myself at the time)

First year i was there, jules says one afternoon ' we are going to see this 'seminar', a guy called Mike Yaconelli, fancy coming?

OK says I, skeptical I, more interested in hanging, getting high, chilling to the music, but ok give it a go.

 Funny name that, i think yaconelli.

Funny guy. He seems to be passionate about what he is saying, ears tickled, drawn to the words, the sense, the nonsense, as i say the passion.

Go away thinking..........

Hey this is cool, maybe call in on another seminar, dipping in to this, and that, when is that yaconelli guy on again i wonder.

 Wandering around after mainstage late on, whats on in here, wow a U2 vid!

Stinking Late Show! Apt! Sit down, wet arse,

@you are a beautiful human person@

 What! Get away! You are taking the piss man!

Oh, he really means it........... getting the vibe

I am a beautiful human person????

He obviously dont know me!

 Year after year, got to go to greenbelt

i have one thing in my diary, dont keep one really, not a planner, this is different.

This is where i got to be, not a church person, am a weak pray-er, still a pray-er.

If i have one this is it, my church.

Like it or lump it.

 Year after year, there, but kind of always on the fringe, not a mixer or a socialiser really, more an observer

John Smith and his God Squad - what the f***

Shit, he means it too

Its real

 Its created, creative.

 Never wanted a harley til i 'got to know' him through his seminars

 Always an observer.....

Close but so faraway

 This place is full of people like me, but not like me

The music, man the music, Bruce, Martin, Ricky, Steve, the guys...............

 2003, new baby at aged 38, big changes, we go back in our darlin's first year here on the big pebble, me and jules.

 Lets do it in style, no camping! no back of a van!

Hotel, pool, lets go back in style.

Let me go to my church and get down on me knees somewhere alone and say thankyou for my new baby, for our new baby, for the most precious physical gift i have ever known.

Lets go back to the place which, though only once a year has been there like a coat hanger for my faith since i started to let it develop.

So we did, and then we met, you and i, pip,  i said hello in the bar of the hotel.

You introduced me to your friends and fellow journeyers.

You welcomed me and i cant say what that meant, still means.

 2003, the year of blessings.
2004 ?

Best not plan it.

God willing,  let us be there.

 Big John