Wednesday, July 28, 2004

........ I am thinking how 'masks' are not the stereo typical wooden African masks. Masks are moving talking flexible things.

When I am running a group I aim for honesty.
I start often by telling my own honesty - making myself vulnerable.
The idea is, we learn about ourselves when we confront the reality of our lives.

I am paid and my mission is about doing this.
I would love to do more of this with groups of humans other than those classified as 'special needs'.

What I do see often - are masks. Flexey moving masks.
Often they are humorous masks. Jokey to avoid reality.
Sometimes cleverness. Witty comment -another avoidance.
Non - participation - another.
Being hard and aggressive - intimidation. Always there in my groups.
Superficial self revelation which is nor convincingly true.
Masks that move and talk - but where is the real?

When there is a real commitment to honesty - level five communication - that means there is some sharing of the darker side of a persons life - even when it is balanced out by saying a positive too. I like both. Reality through the lips.
That sort always sets a different climate. A climate of trust.
A climate of authenticity.
We are communicating when we get here. This also draws in other group members, which encourages steps forward in growth and development.

I heard today that a young man, under 21, who I know through many group work experiences, is dead. The second young life this year.
He knew that if he spoke up with honesty - the group would move forward and do great things. He knew it - and did it.

I suppose I am saying - we move on when we are real in terms of clocking where we are and, by telling others, we can start to work out the next steps. Positive steps. New direction. New hope. Spiritual. Developmental.

Why am I clicking this?
I guess it is because I believe that this is vital for me and for all of us.
It is also the Christian way - it seems to me. I am committed to that way.
I want to live it real.
I want to work it out.
That is where I am.