Friday, July 16, 2004

........... I am aware that I 'big it up' - about U2 even though there has been little news of late.
I am a big fan and that will be part of my blog - as is other music ........ music drills my soul full of holes so I leak emotion.

U2 stuff will hot up in coming months but I will connect that music - those humans, with the condition of my soul and the journey I am on ....... the direction - the activity I am proactive in and the reactive stuff too.

At the moment as I click;
1 I have big brother on cable tv - on silent.
2 I have 'one world' radio one - live on my knee pumping out the vibes wi-fi.
3 I am recording BenjiB from 1xtra onto my iMac hard drive for iPod transfer for eternity.
4 Zig is keeping me company.
5 Joan has gone to zzzeds
6 I am smoking a cafe creme and sipping cointreau hmmm

I feel ok - not great.
Life is full of cool moments and wonder-full ones.
Both tasted today.
All give me feelings and that is right and

My little mild cigar has gone out and I pause to click that.

I want to feel and disclose feelings.
Unless I disclose my feelings to you
You don't know me
you only know my activity
you only read my body language
you only feel me through the clicking of distant keys
I want to disclose - it is good for me
it is good for our relationship

sometimes I will be sad, frustrated, lonely, hurt, failing ......
amongst the golden stuff
when I tell you I hurt
that does not mean I am destroyed and lame
it means I am stretching my sensitivity to my interior
and not being an exterior human - only.

Today I met a new human - a number actually.
Within a few moments of meeting I had suggested that this persons life was worth a book to tell there story. I moved on to say a movie and then got excited with the person as I asked if the movie of the persons life would be;
action movie
love and romance
kick box
...... need I go on.
In conversation with the human I had clicked on a new way of doing a group session. Maybe a tick box thing.
THEN I asked - what would the sound track include? hmmm.

Maybe, just maybe, you could let me know via and eMail;-

Your movie -of your life
what genre ?
a couple of tracks on the sound track?

next time I see you (maybe the first time?)
I will ask you that question .......... it excites me .........