Tuesday, July 20, 2004

. thanx for clicking here .............. me? ......... ok/tired/experiential/buzzing/and it is late.

Have been on the road - car - motorway for about 9 hours in the last 24 hmmm.
Funeral of a dear Uncle. The four of us - the sheilas - for those new to the Wilson names - Sheila is the name they call each other - that is daughters Ann and Joy. It was all as a result of a visit they made when they were called 'the pommey sheilas'!

It was great to spend 24 hours with them. We don't often these days but both of them wanted to come to the funeral of Uncle Henry and mingle again with family we see so little. It is only weddings and Funerals which bring some families together and there are less weddings nowadays.

The service was a Catholic Mass and I have not been to one of those for sometime. Interesting how all the other Christian denominations actively encourage other Christians to take communion with them - in the Catholic Church I could not - and others, non Catholics, could not. hmmm

The door to the Church was just not visible to a stranger like me. Eventually by following the coffin and the other people we entered this large unkept building which left me with a mixture of feelings.

I will return to the experience tomorrow when I have slept a little ..... I certainly need 'beauty sleep' ........... zzzzzzz