Tuesday, July 06, 2004

........ here I am at the office ................. of the big industry of dealing with the human crumbling kind ......... and as usual they are helping to put 'humpty dumpty pip' together again.

I find that being with bruised reed, with dimly burning flaxes - I am touched by the stories and the journeys so that it inspires my soul. I am on stretch making contact with so many new people and sensitively renewing human vibes with those I have met and still don't trust me.

A group just now included an 86 year old man who is walking the Thames river and he dropped like an Angel to visit us. Here we all were - listening and interacting with a D Day soldier and a fit one. At the same time I was meeting the newly hurting homeless and hostel humans residing. The affirmation comes at me too - it is great that, when there is a climate of trust cultivated, the people at the bottom of the economic and social pile AFFIRM each other and even me.

......... I am reflecting deep here and will need to take time out to dig deeper .....

so work like you don't need the money
sing like no-one is listening
dance like no-one is watching
love like you have never been hurt